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Even if the digital marketing landscape of China is quite different from the West, however, when it comes to the core concept of , you can find it relatively similar.

This might be tempting to you to initiate your SMM endeavor on your own based on the information available on the web.

However, in a country where you don’t have your friendly Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well as Google, your marketing voyage is likely to be collapsed at the very beginning.

Therefore, as a sensible business professional, hiring a group specializing in social media marketing in China should be your best choice. After consideration of all facts and figures, it will support you by the formulation of the most appropriate marketing strategies matching your marketing goal, your budget, and the target audience in China.

The key factors which will be considered in this respect are as follows

SMM Alternatives

Due to the banning of Facebook, Instagram, panel sosmed or Twitter in China, prior to initiating your SMM endeavor, you need to know about the possible social media platforms, which are having a considerable market presence in this country.

Accordingly, we’ll find WeChat and Weibo are the two major pillars activated in China to connect the whole nation. Remember that just like Baidu, without having a presence in these most popular social sites, your product or services cannot earn the needed recognition for your SMM success.

So, your marketing company as well as you should keep Wechat and Weibo in the priority list.

Evaluate Market Potential

As you evaluate the market potential of WeChat and Weibo, you are supposed to consider the major features and scopes of them that magnetize its audience while making them potential to prospective marketers.

For instance, WeChat marketing has been outfitted with most appealing features such as sending text/voice messages, videos, playing games, hiring a taxi, booking air tickets as well as shopping or paying digitally through the wallet or QR code, etc. Similarly, Weibo a popular microblogging site enables its users to send messages or posts as long as consisting of 140 characters and can effectively use for uploading photos, videos links, and others.

For potential marketers, WeChat has been prepared with most productive advertising options enabling you to post text messages, contents, audio/videos which are capable to drive increasing numbers of the audience to your social site.

While the user base of WeChat is 620 million, Weibo is having 570 valued users.

Access the World’s Biggest Mobile Nation

According to a market survey, while accounting for more than 1.1 billion mobile subscribers, the digital market potential of China appears to be 2½ times more than the US.

This figure recognizes China being the World’s largest mobile nation. A market research data based on 2016 shows that a whopping 69% (equates to $470.4 billion) of digital marketing in China is done through mobile devices. With these facts and figures, you can easily estimate the high potential of the Chinese digital market.

It is equally important for you to make your Chinese website mobile-friendly which is the basic precondition of making your social media marketing in China a real success.

Understand Your Target Audience

Unlike social media users in the West who’re mainly ‘readers’, the behavior of the Chinese audience is completely different.

In fact, other than being readers, they are more likely to pass comments or share their views about the products or services on social platforms. It is equally found in market surveys that social site audiences like to read consumer appealing posts, review sites with the customer experience and also respond to them.

So, with consideration of consumer behavior in China, you need to act brilliantly while employing the most productive digital marketing techniques and tools and promote your brand image through social media marketing in China.

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