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Bamar tradition has been influenced by the cultures of neighbouring countries, manifested in its language, cuisine, music, dance and theatre. The arts, significantly literature, have historically been influenced by the local type of Theravada Buddhism. Considered the national epic of Myanmar, the Yama Zatdaw, an adaptation of India’s Ramayana, has been influenced greatly by Thai, Mon, and Indian versions of the play. Buddhism is practised along with nat worship, which involves elaborate rituals to propitiate one from a pantheon of 37 nats. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, Myanmar’s official literacy price as of 2000 was 90%.

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The government of Myanmar controls the gem trade by direct possession or by joint ventures with personal homeowners of mines. Under the British administration, the people of Burma were at the bottom of the social hierarchy, with Europeans on the top, Indians, Chinese, and Christianized minorities within the center, and Buddhist Burmese on the backside. Forcefully integrated into the world economic system, Burma’s economy grew in extractive industries and money crops agriculture; a lot of the wealth was concentrated within the hands of Europeans, nonetheless. The country turned the world’s largest exporter of rice, mainly to European markets, whereas other colonies like India suffered mass starvation. The British adopted the ideologies of Social Darwinism and the free market, and opened up the nation to large-scale immigration with Rangoon exceeding New York City as the greatest immigration port in the world in the Twenties.

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